Submitting PBS Safety Net claims weekly can help avoid a delay

15 November 2019

It helps us process your claim faster and identify possible claim rejections early.

Submitting your PBS Safety Net claims weekly, especially during peak periods will:

  • assist us with processing your claim
  • prevent delay of your payments
  • help us identify possible claim rejections early.

Here’s some other helpful tips to remember when you’re submitting a claim. To avoid a delay:

  • check all required forms and supporting documents are signed
  • make sure you include all eligible family members with the correct relationship codes in the application
  • use a PBS Safety Net reply paid envelope when submitting a claim
  • make sure there’s no more than 12 customer applications in the envelope for each claim
  • always attach customer records in the same order they appear on the PBS Safety Net claim for payment form (PB241)
  • make sure the pages in each customer’s Prescription record forms (PB240) are in sequential order
  • only issue PBS Safety Net cards when customers reach the applicable threshold.

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Page last updated: 15 November 2019