Patients can’t claim Sickness Allowance from 20 March 2020

18 December 2019

Payments to patients already getting Sickness Allowance will continue until their current medical certificate expires.

JobSeeker Payment will become the main income support payment for Australians between 22 and Age Pension age.

If your patient is sick or injured and can’t work or study, they may get the payment. This includes patients that may have jobs and study to return to.

Nothing will change for you. You can keep providing medical certificates to patients who wish to apply for or continue their JobSeeker Payment. You can send their medical certificate to us through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).

If your patient is getting Sickness Allowance, let them know about the change and that they don’t need to do anything now.

We’ll contact them closer to when their medical certificate expires with more details. This includes how to transfer to JobSeeker Payment if they need to.

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Page last updated: 18 December 2019