New MBS items for mental health services in residential aged care facilities

15 December 2020

If you perform mental health services for patients in residential aged care, use the new MBS items.

Patients in residential aged care facilities can now access Medicare benefits for mental health services. The frequency and number of Medicare covered mental health services available to residents in aged care facilities is the same as for the general population. Patients need to be on a mental health care plan and be reviewed after each referral has expired.

If you travel to a residential aged care facility to provide a mental health service, you can also claim a flag fall service item. You can only claim the flag fall service item for your first appointment at each facility. You can provide services at multiple aged care facilities and claim additional flag fall items in the same day.

The new MBS items are:

For the preparation of a mental health treatment plan

For the review of a mental health treatment plan

For an initial psychological treatment

For additional psychological treatments

If you need help interpreting the MBS you can contact the Department of Health’s AskMBS service.

Page last updated: 16 December 2020