Information for pharmacies recording COVID-19 vaccines on the AIR

10 August 2021

How to correctly record COVID-19 vaccines on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

When you give a patient a COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll need to record it on the AIR. It’s important to correctly identify your patient so their immunisation history is up to date. This means they’ll be able to get proof of their vaccinations if needed.

Don’t use the ‘Urgent Clinical Need’ special Medicare number for reporting COVID-19 vaccinations to the AIR. If you do this, the vaccination won’t appear on the patients’ immunisation history statement.

To find a record on the AIR, you’ll need your patient’s Medicare card and Individual Reference Number (IRN). If a patient can’t find their Medicare card, they can use the Express Plus Medicare app to view their digital Medicare card.

Searching for Medicare details

To find your patient’s Medicare details online:

When HPOS finds a unique match, it displays your patient’s Medicare card number, IRN and first name.

HPOS won’t be able to confirm a match if your patient is on more than one Medicare card.

If HPOS can’t find your patient’s details, or they’re not eligible for Medicare or don’t have a DVA card, you can use either the:

If you can’t find a match, contact the AIR or create a new vaccination record on the AIR site for your patient.

Next steps

There’s information to help you identify patients and record vaccinations on the AIR.

You can also learn more about the AIR and find resources on the Health Professional Education Resources Gateway.

Page last updated: 11 August 2021