Centrelink and aged care nominee arrangements are changing

13 November 2020

From 5 December 2020, we’re making nominee arrangements easier.

Centrelink correspondence nominees will be able to enquire, update and act on a customer’s behalf for Centrelink payments and services, and aged care costs.

Customers will automatically move to the new nominee arrangement from 5 December if they:

  • already have the same nominee for Centrelink and aged care
  • have a Centrelink nominee, but not an aged care nominee.

For customers with different Centrelink and aged care nominees, their Centrelink correspondence nominee will replace their aged care nominee on 2 March 2021.

The nominee arrangement won’t change if the customer:

  • has a nominee for aged care, but not Centrelink
  • gets a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) payment.

This doesn’t affect My Aged Care representatives.

What customers need to do

Customers affected by the new arrangements will get a letter from us explaining the changes.

They can change their nominee anytime, even if they don’t get a letter. To do this they need to complete the Authorising a person or organisation to enquire or act on your behalf form.

DVA income support recipients need to use the Aged Care Request for a nominee for DVA customers form.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 13 November 2020