Are you ready for the Improved Payment Arrangement (IPA) changes?

11 August 2021

From 1 September, claims and payments will change for home care providers under the IPA reform.

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Watch this video to learn about the key changes to Home Care claiming as part of IPA.

If you’re a Home Care Package provider, you’ll need to start claiming for the actual cost of services delivered.

This means you’ll claim an aggregated total for each care recipient in each claim period. Any Commonwealth unspent subsidy will accrue in a Home Care Account for each care recipient. We hold these accounts on our payment system. You can also report any Commonwealth unspent amount you currently hold for each care recipient.

The payment statement will change, so you may need to alter your reconciliation process or in-house software.

The new payment statement will comprise of 2 sections:

  • Care recipient itemised entitlements
  • Care recipient itemised payments.

These changes to the payment statement will help you:

  • understand and reconcile the payments made to you
  • identify new information you can add to your care recipients’ monthly statements.

To help with your software updates, we've developed sample payment statements in different formats with explanations of file elements.

We’ve also built a file import capability to allow you to add data for multiple care recipients at once. You can use the file import feature instead of individually entering data to the Aged Care Provider Portal (ACPP). We’ve developed sample files for bulk invoice amount and bulk reported Commonwealth unspent amount for your records.

To access all these files, download the 2021 IPA changes eKit 

We’re working on an educational resource to help your staff understand the new terminology in the updated payment statement. This resource will be available on the Health Professional Education Resources Gateway in late August.

To transition to the new claiming arrangements smoothly, it’s important that your claiming is up to date. This includes any months you didn’t have any care recipients. You’ll need to submit $0 claims for those months.

To get ready for the IPA changes, read the fact sheets on the Department of Health website.

Next steps

Find out more about the Improved Payment Arrangements (IPA) changes on the Department of Health website.

Page last updated: 30 August 2021