Applying for an additional Medicare provider number (MPN)

19 November 2019

Save time and use HPOS to get additional MPNs.

If you don’t have restrictions and are eligible, it’s quick and easy to get an additional MPN in HPOS. Just select “Create a new provider location”. You don’t need to fill out a manual form.

You’ll need more than 1 MPN if you deliver health services in different locations or you’re registered in multiple health professions.

If you’re applying for additional numbers, make sure you include your employer and bank details. We can’t accept applications without these.

If your details change, it’s quick to update them using HPOS.

You’ll need a PRODA account to access HPOS.

If you can’t go online, complete the Application for a Medicare provider number and, or prescriber number for a medical practitioner form. You can mail or fax it to us. The details are on the form.

It’s important to make sure the details you give us are correct. Incorrect forms will be sent back to you and could lead to delays in getting your MPN.

The processing time for manual forms can take up to 6 weeks.

Page last updated: 21 November 2019