Aged care recipients can tell us their financial details online

27 October 2020

Centrelink has made it easier for people to update their income and assets through myGov.

We collect a care recipient’s financial details through a Residential Aged Care means assessment or Home Care Package means assessment.

These means assessments work out how much they contribute to the cost of their aged care services.

We’ve recently enhanced our online services for self-funded aged care recipients. They’ll now be able to tell us about changes to their income and assets through myGov.

You can encourage them to do this using their Centrelink online account through myGov. It’s the easiest way for them to manage their details.

If they don’t have a myGov account yet, they can use our myGov help guide to set one up. They can then link their Centrelink online account using this help guide. Once they do, they can view, add, edit and delete these details online:

If they can’t update their details online, recipients can phone us on the Aged Care Line or visit us. If they need to update their accommodation costs or home details, they’ll need to phone us.

Recipients are also able to upload documents online. There’s no need to post them or take them to a service centre. If they forget to give us these documents, we’ll send a reminder SMS or email.

These improvements to our online services are part of the Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation programme. Let recipients know our goal is to make our payments and services simpler to access.

Next steps

Read our step by step guide to managing income and assets online.

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Page last updated: 29 October 2020