Remind your community members to check their bank account details

3 December 2020

Tell people in your community that if their bank branch closes or merges with another, their account details may change.

If we don’t have their current details, they may not get their payment.

How customers can update their bank details

Community members can update their details through the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app or their Centrelink online account through myGov. Read about how to manage where your payments are sent.

Veteran Gold Card holders need to call us on 132 300 to update bank details.

Bank details customers should keep up to date

We need to know customer’s:

  • BSB (branch code)
  • account number
  • account name.

To check these the customer can use their most recent bank statement.

If a customer opens a new bank account, we advise they keep the old account open. They should do so until they get the first payment in their new account.

If bank account details change and we’re not told

If bank details change and we aren’t notified, we can’t transfer the payment to the correct payment destination. This means that customers may not receive their payment.

If your customers can’t get online, or don’t have access

Customers can phone us on their regular payment line to update their bank details with us.

They will need to verify their identity over the phone by answering a series of questions. This is so we can be sure we’re speaking to the right person.

It’s important for customers to take the time and check we have the correct payment details.

Page last updated: 3 December 2020