People in your community can update their financial details online

27 July 2020

Tell them we’ve made it easier for Centrelink customers to update their income and assets online.

People in your community may be getting Centrelink payments, which have income and assets tests.

Remind them to tell us if their financial details change, as it may affect their payment from us. They must tell us about any changes within 14 days, so we can pay them the right amount.

Encourage them to update their income and assets details using their Centrelink online account through myGov. It’s the easiest way for them to manage their details. Let them know they can also call us or visit us if they can’t update their details online.

One of your community members may ask you to be their nominee. This means you can update their income and assets online for them. But first they need to arrange a nominee through their online account.

Once they do, you can view, add, edit and delete these details for them online:

As a nominee you’ll also be able to upload supporting documents online. There’s no need to post them or take them to a service centre. If you or they forget to give us these documents, we’ll send a reminder SMS or email.

Assure them that even if they arrange you to be a nominee, they can still do all those things themselves. They can also cancel the nominee arrangement whenever they like.

These improvements to our online services are part of the Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation programme. Let community members know our goal is to make it easier for them to access our payments and services.

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Page last updated: 4 September 2020