Help older Australians in your community to self serve

15 April 2021

Helping older Australians to use our self service options may protect their health.

Helping older Australians to contact us from their home means they don’t need to join the queue in a service centre.

To encourage self service, explain the options older Australians can choose from. Then they can decide the option that suits them best. Sometimes all they need is a little help to get them started.

If they:

They can also call the Older Australians line and we can explain these options to them.

What they can do from their home

Our self service options let all Australians do so many things with us without leaving their home.

Let older Australians know they can use a self service option to:

There are also step by step guides if they need extra help.

Next steps

To keep older Australians in your community up to date, encourage them to:

Page last updated: 15 April 2021