A guide on Australian Government payments for 1 July 2021

1 July 2021

Our online version of the guide to Australian Government payments is now more interactive and easier to use.

There’s a new look and feel to our guide to Australian Government payments. Using this guide will allow you to quickly find the correct information that will help your clients.

Not only have we updated the payment rates for 1 July 2021, we’ve also made some extra improvements.

You can now click on links in the online version of the guide. They’ll take you straight to the related information you need.

We’ve also added clearer section titles on the content page and throughout the booklet.

Access the guide online at any time. We update the online version as payment details change, so you’ll always have the most up to date information.

You can still download the PDF or Word version of the guide and print it if you need a hard copy.

Page last updated: 1 July 2021