ABSTUDY eKit helps students claim for 2021

23 November 2020

Use the ABSTUDY eKit to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to claim a payment as soon as possible.

We’re asking students and families thinking about ABSTUDY to put their claim in before the end of the year.

To make it easier for you to share information about ABSTUDY, we’ve created an ABSTUDY eKit.

The eKit contains information about the different payments ABSTUDY students may get depending on their situation. It includes resources you can use to promote ABSTUDY including:

  • news article and images
  • overview of ABSTUDY payments
  • guide to who can get what type of assistance, depending on their situation and age
  • social media posts
  • posters
  • radio ad
  • factsheets.

How you can help

If you’re in contact with students who may be eligible for ABSTUDY, please share resources from our ABSTUDY eKit. These resources explain the different payments depending on the student’s situation.

Who ABSTUDY is for

ABSTUDY helps Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with the costs of studying or doing an Australian Apprenticeship.

Eligible students can get ABSTUDY from the start of high school all the way through to university or TAFE. Families commonly claim ABSTUDY when their child is about to start secondary school.

If you know someone in this situation, let them know they may get help with their child’s:

  • school fees
  • boarding fees
  • travel costs
  • other school items.

When to claim

It’s important for families to claim ABSTUDY early. This is so we can finalise the claim before the next school year. This is especially important if a student needs to move away from home to study.

How to claim or contact us

If a student is under 16 years old, parents and guardians can claim on their behalf.

Students and apprentices, who are 16 and over, or independent, can apply themselves.

Claims for secondary students can be done over the phone. If they’re a university or TAFE student, or an Australian Apprentice, they can claim ABSTUDY online. Students can find out what payments they might be eligible for in our ABSTUDY information.

If they can’t claim over the phone or online, there’s also a paper claim form.

If you have an enquiry about ABSTUDY, you can call our Third Party Contact Centre.

Where to get more information

Download the ABSTUDY eKit and spread the word today.

You can also direct students and families to learn more about ABSTUDY on our website.

Page last updated: 15 April 2021