Information for high schools and secondary providers

High schools and secondary providers have a key role in helping students get and keep a Centrelink payment.

Secondary providers include any providers that educate students at a secondary level. Along with high schools, this includes alternative education institutions and distance education.

The 3 main payments secondary students may be eligible to get are:

  • Youth Allowance
  • Assistance for Isolated Children scheme (AIC).

What information you need to tell students

It’s important to equip students with all the information they need about their future.

It’s useful for students to know they can apply for Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY or Assistance for Isolated Children early. They can claim up to 13 weeks before their course starts. That way, they’re more likely to have their payment when they need it.

Find out more info on how you help students with Centrelink payments.

Resources for school leavers

We’ve created communication resources to help you share information about our payments. You can share the School Leavers resource kit with students to help them as they extend their studies.

Resources for ABSTUDY students

We’ve created a large number of resources to help promote ABSTUDY in the community. The ABSTUDY eKit has articles, posters, radio ads and a reference guide about ABSTUDY to share in your community.

What information you need to give us

There’s information you’ll need to give us about students to make sure they keep getting their payment. What information we need depends on what payment the student gets.

ABSTUDY students

ABSTUDY is a group of payments for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students or Australian Apprentices.

As a high school or secondary provider with students getting ABSTUDY there are some things you need to know.

High schools and other secondary providers, need to advise us attendance data for ABSTUDY students. Students getting School Term Allowance need to have 85% attendance in order to get their payment. We’ll contact you to make sure that students are meeting attendance requirements.

Use the Education Institutions eService to give us information online.

ABSTUDY for boarding students

If you’re a boarding school or board provider who has ABSTUDY students, tell us if any of the following happen:

  • the student enrols in another school
  • the student changes their boarding place before each term
  • there are any other changes to the students circumstances.

This helps us make sure ABSTUDY students get the right amount of payment from us. Call the ABSTUDY line to tell us.

Travel for ABSTUDY students

You can arrange travel for students on their behalf using ABSTUDY Fares Allowance. You can read more about ABSTUDY Fares Allowance for boarding providers and hostels.

To book travel, you must email ABSTUDY Travel. You normally have to give us 6 weeks notice. Noting that requests for multiple students or complex travel routes may require more notice. You’ll need to tell us all of the following:

  • the names of all students making sure they match the photo ID they’ll be carrying on the trip
  • preferred travel dates for all students
  • the name of the supervisor travelling, if one is needed.

When we receive the confirmed travel arrangements, we’ll provide a copy of the itinerary to whoever requests the travel. Contact us immediately if there are any problems with the departure and arrival dates or times.

You must give the parents or guardians and the student a copy of the itinerary. Make sure students are aware of their travel. Let them know they might be penalised if they miss travel.

You can also book travel for Away from Base activities on behalf of students.

Youth Allowance students

We pay Youth Allowance to students or Australian Apprentices, undertaking secondary studies in some instances.

If you have students getting Youth Allowance at your school you won’t need to give us any information. We’ll work directly with the student or their parent or guardian to ensure they can keep getting their payment.

Assistance for Isolated Children scheme students

Some students can get payments under the Assistance for Isolated Children scheme. If you have students getting Assistance for Isolated Children payments, there’s some information you’ll need to give us.

We send enrolment checks and data matches which you must return to us. When we need specific information about enrolment or school circumstances, we’ll get in touch with either:

  • you, as the school or boarding provider
  • the applicant.

If we don’t get in touch with you, there’s no other information we need from you.

Page last updated: 13 July 2021