We’re asking some students for their parents’ income information

1 October 2019

Some Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY students may get a letter about their parents’ income. We need this so we can pay them.

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Some of your students may have got a letter in late September or early October asking for parents’ income details. We need this information so we can pay them.

If we don’t get parents’ income details by the due date in the student’s letter, we may stop their payment.

How parental income reassessments may affect you

If we stop a student’s payment this may affect you if either of the following apply:

  • we pay you on behalf of your students for things like boarding accommodation
  • your students rely on their payment to attend school and participate in activities.

What your students need to do

Get your students to ask their parents to follow the instructions in their letter. Tell them their payment might stop if they don’t do this.

If they don’t get a letter, they don’t need to do anything. We already have the information we need.

Where to get more information

Tell parents they can go online to learn how to complete the income reassessment if their child gets a letter.

Get your students to ask us questions at  Student Update on Facebook. Remember, for privacy, they shouldn’t share anything personal like an address or CRN.

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Page last updated: 1 October 2019