Tertiary Access Payment for students moving to study

19 November 2020

There’s a new payment for students moving from outer regional or remote areas.

The Tertiary Access Payment is a new $5,000 payment for students moving for tertiary study after finishing year 12 or equivalent. It’s paid in 2 instalments over the first year of study.

Share this information with students to help them decide their next steps when they finish school.

To get the payment, students need to be:

  • from an outer regional or remote area
  • a school leaver finishing Year 12 or equivalent
  • enrolled in at least 1 year of full time tertiary study at certificate 4 level or above in the next available study period
  • under 22 years old on the day they start studying
  • moving to study at an education institute that’s more than 90 minutes away from their family home by public transport.

The students’ parents’ or guardians’ income must also be below $250,000 to get this payment.

If they’re eligible, students can claim the payment from 1 January 2021.

Students don’t need be getting another payment from us to get the Tertiary Access Payment.

They can check their eligibility for other student payments using Payment and Service Finder. Students may also be eligible for other payments, such as:

Next steps

Read more about the Tertiary Access Payment.

Page last updated: 19 November 2020