How we can help you and your staff when JobKeeper Payment ends

22 March 2021

Support and services for employers and their staff when JobKeeper Payment ends on 28 March 2021.

Written notification

We may be able to support your staff with income support payments if they’re facing retrenchment or redundancy.

If you have up to 15 staff

You’ll need to fill out the Employment Separation Certificate for each staff member. You can complete and submit an Employment Separation Certificate through Centrelink Business Online Service.

Alternatively, you can do one of the following:

You’ll need to give your employee a separation certificate within 14 days of them ceasing employment.

If you have 15 or more staff

If you have 15 or more staff who may be retrenched or made redundant, you must notify us in writing.

Copy the details of the Notice to Services Australia of proposed dismissals document to your company's letterhead in Microsoft Word format.

You’ll need to include all of the following:

  • the name of your company
  • the registered address
  • the number of affected staff and their employment types.

Submit this notification to the Third Party Contact Centre of our National Business Gateway.

Employee support

Tell your affected staff they may be able to get an income support payment from us.

The type of payment they may get depends on their circumstances.

They can use our payment guide to check what payments they may be able to get.

If they’re looking for work or working less hours they may be able to get one of the following payments:

If they’re able to get JobSeeker Payment, they can start their claim early before their circumstances change.

We can help them even if they aren't eligible for payments. They’ll need to call our Employment services line and register for employment services.

We can also arrange access for your staff to our:

We can organise information sessions to help your staff with investment and financial concerns if they’re facing redundancy.

You can request an information session when you either:

If you call us, when prompted, say Financial Information Service.

Employer support

If you need help or advice, call the Third Party Contact Centre line or visit the National Business Gateway.

If you still want to access JobKeeper Payment, you need to enrol by 31 March 2021.

You may be eligible to access the JobMaker Hiring Credit to employ additional young job seekers aged 16–35 years.

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