Help your customers and community get proof of their COVID-19 vaccinations

22 September 2021

Visit our new COVID-19 vaccination resources centre and download our eKits.

As the COVID-19 vaccination rollout continues, more Australians need to get proof of their vaccination status.

We’ve launched our new COVID-19 vaccinations resource centre to make it easier for you to help people get proof of their vaccinations.

The resource centre offers a range of products to promote the support and help available to your customers and community members.

You can download resources from our COVID-19 vaccination eKits. The resources include posters, social media images, videos, radio grabs and fact sheets.

We also have resources for Indigenous Australians, as well as a range of in language translations in about 60 languages.

Please share these resources and help make it easy for your employees, customers and communities to get their proof of vaccinations.

Next steps

Share these resources to help your employees and customers get proof of their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Page last updated: 29 September 2021