Encourage your students to claim ABSTUDY for 2020 now

4 October 2019

Students can claim ABSTUDY now. If they claim before December they can get their payments as soon as possible.

ABSTUDY helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians with the costs of studying or doing an Australian Apprenticeship. Your students may get help with schools fees. If students need to live away from home to study, ABSTUDY can help with their boarding and travel costs.

Why should students claim early

It’s a good idea for students to submit their ABSTUDY claim early. Especially if your students are moving away from home to study and want help with their travel costs. Once we approve their ABSTUDY claim, they can organise their travel.

What your students need to do

Students can claim as soon as they know they are starting secondary school in 2020. The earlier your students claim, the earlier the students or the school can get their payment.

Next steps

Tell your students to check if they get ABSTUDY and find out how to claim.

Get them to save time and ask questions at Student Update on  Facebook or  Twitter. Remind them not to share personal details in a public space like social media.

Page last updated: 4 October 2019