Applying for your client’s Medicare Entitlement Statement

1 July 2019

Your client needs a statement before you apply for a Medicare levy exemption.

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Some of your clients may not be eligible for Medicare, for all or part of the year.

If so, they can apply for a Medicare levy exemption in their tax return. However, they will need a Medicare Entitlement Statement before you start their tax return.

You can apply for the statement on behalf of your client. But your client must sign the form.

Before you apply for your client’s statement, make sure they check their eligibility for Medicare.

They may have been eligible even if they don’t have a Medicare card. If they were eligible, they can’t get the statement and they may need to pay the Medicare levy.

If they weren’t eligible, your client must get a statement before you apply for the exemption in their tax return.

Next steps

To get a statement you or your client need to complete the Application for a Medicare Entitlement Statement form.

Your client must get a statement for each year they want to apply for the exemption. Just because they’ve had the exemption before doesn’t mean they’ll be eligible each year. 

If you send us the application between July and November, it may take us up to 6 weeks to process.

You can avoid delays by:

  • including certified copies of your clients’ supporting documents with the form
  • send each client’s application in separate emails
  • send a clients’ application for different financial years in 1 email.

Page last updated: 3 July 2019