Improving our website

We’re improving our Services Australia website to make it easier for our customers to find what they need.


Our website can help our customers find a payment, service or get some guidance. It offers information to help customers claim, complete tasks and self service from the convenience of their home.

We continually review customer feedback to improve site usefulness. We also work on common designs with other departments to help Australians get a consistent experience across government.

Vision and concept

We’re looking at ways to improve the structure and organisation of our website. We aim to make navigation easy, with relevant choices that make sense to the customer.

To do this we’re trying out concepts to organise the website based on common life events customers go through. We’re asking thousands of people to try out different ideas. Based on the feedback, we can refine our concept to help improve the experience.


To come up with the options being tested, we:

  • reviewed existing user research from government agencies and jurisdictions, including the Digital Transformation Agency
  • reviewed website content in line with our draft concept
  • developed a new visual look and feel
  • conducted over 1,600 rapid online tests of brand, content, design and interface components with people across Australia
  • engaged in usability and scenario testing with over 920 Australians going through a wide range of circumstances.

Page last updated: 26 November 2021