Employment support for LGBTI+ staff

We’re committed to inclusion and diversity. We support people of all sexual orientations, intersex statuses and gender expressions and identities.

Our commitment

We know that having a diverse workforce makes us better at serving Australians. We’re a Bronze Tier Employer in the Australian Workplace Equality Index. We achieved this through being active in LGBTI+ inclusion.

Our Workplace Inclusion and Diversity Strategy 2019–23 demonstrates our commitment to inclusion.

Your application

If you want to find out more about a position, you can talk with the position’s contact officer.

To find out more about our inclusive recruitment processes, you can email our Inclusion and Diversity Team. This is a confidential service.

Let us know if you need help to submit your application, attend a job interview or attend an assessment centre.

Read more about workplace diversity and inclusion.

LGBTI+ staff network

The Rainbow Connection Is our LGBTI+ staff network. It’s open to all LGBTI+ staff and allies. It helps us shape the way we practise inclusion and allows staff to:

  • connect and support each other
  • give advice
  • get advice
  • share knowledge and life experiences.

LGBTI+ ally

Our Senior Executive LGBTI+ ally makes LGBTI+ inclusion more visible in our workplace by:

  • raising awareness by showcasing how to be inclusive
  • celebrating days of significance
  • representing the needs of LGBTI+ staff across the organisation and wider Australian Public Service.

Leave policies

Same sex couples can access the same partner and child leave as other staff. This includes access to all of the following:

  • carers leave
  • compassionate leave
  • supporting partner leave
  • parental leave.

Parental leave includes leave for all of the following:

  • birth
  • adoption
  • fostering
  • surrogacy.

Training and support

We have programs and services in place to ensure our workforce is culturally safe and inclusive. This includes LGBTI+ training and resources.

All staff have access to support services through our Employee Assistance Program provider, Benestar. Qualified counsellors provide help to all staff, including our LGBTI+ staff with their mental health. Family and friends can also get help. Staff can also access online training and support resources.

Page last updated: 31 July 2020