New points system for job seekers to meet their requirements

4 July 2022

If you’re a job seeker registered with Workforce Australia, you’ll have a monthly points target to meet your requirements.

To keep getting an income support payment, such as JobSeeker Payment, you’ll need to meet your mutual obligation requirements.

If you’re registered with Workforce Australia and have mutual obligation requirements, you’ll have a monthly points target to meet. If you don’t meet this points target, demerits and penalties will apply and your payment may be suspended.

Your provider will set the monthly points target based on your personal circumstances.

If you’re a job seeker in online employment services, or Workforce Australia Online, you can contact Digital Services Contact Centre (DSCC) on the Workforce Australia website. You can discuss your circumstances and your points target with the DSCC.

Find out more about the points system by either talking to your provider, if you have one, or the DSCC if you’re in online employment services. You can also visit the Workforce Australia website.

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Page last updated: 8 July 2022