myGov refund email scam

11 February 2021

This scam email will tell you myGov owes you a refund. It asks you to give personal details via a form or link.

Scammers often create myGov refund scams. These scams will tell you myGov owes you a refund.

These scams tell you to open links or put your details into an online form. They may also ask you to download an attachment.

For example the scam may tell you that you’re eligible for money. It may then ask you to submit an application electronically, by filling out a form and confirming it’s correct.

It may tell you the form will be sent to myGov securely, and others can’t see your information. It will ask you to submit the form by selecting a link.

It may pretend to have important information that tells you your refund won’t be processed unless you confirm your identity. It may also threaten to cancel your account if one or more attempts are unsuccessful.

If you get an email like this, don’t open any links, download attachments or respond. We'll never ask you to open a link or a file attached to an email. The only time we’ll ask you to open a link if it’s:

We’ll also never ask you to reply to any email we send you.

We sometimes email our customers, if that’s how you’ve chosen for us to contact you. When we do, the message might be:

  • requests or reminders for you to go to appointments
  • letting you know we’ve paid you
  • confirming changes to your details
  • letting you know you’ve got a new message in your myGov inbox.

What to do if you get this scam email

If you get this scam email, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and report the scam.

You should call or email the Scams and Identity Theft Helpdesk straight away, if you’ve:

  • opened a link or downloaded a form from this email
  • replied to this email
  • put personal information into the web form or attachment.

Next steps

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