Leave entitlements

You must use any pandemic-related paid leave you have before you can get the COVID-19 Disaster Payment. This doesn’t include annual leave.

Pandemic-related leave is any leave entitlement your employer pays when you lose hours or income due to either a:

  • state or territory public health order
  • lockdown.

If you don’t have enough pandemic-related leave to cover the lockdown period, you can claim COVID-19 Disaster Payment if you meet the other eligibility rules.

Leave that is not included

We won’t consider your annual leave balance when we assess your eligibility for COVID-19 Disaster Payment. But if you decide to take annual leave, you will not have lost income and therefore won’t be eligible on those days.

If you take annual leave for part of your lost work hours you can still get the COVID-19 Disaster Payment. How much you can get will depend on the hours you’ve lost that you aren’t getting annual leave for.

You don’t need to take any of these types of leave before accessing the payment:

  • unpaid leave
  • paid sick and carer’s leave
  • long service leave
  • compassionate leave.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021