Learn today, reap tomorrow with our Financial Information Service

We provide free financial information to all Australians to help them understand their finances.

Simmone from the FIS webinar team

Services Australia helps people improve their financial capability and develop self-sufficiency.

Our Financial Information Service (FIS) is a trusted source of free, impartial and independent financial information. It helps people make informed decisions about their current and future financial needs.

The FIS Officers provide a community outreach program, a dedicated phone service, and both face-to-face and video appointments. They can also refer people to other services and groups that can help.

One of the ways we help people develop financial literacy is with our free Financial Information Service webinars.

‘It’s great that people can join a webinar on their own device from the comfort of their home. It offers a personalised experience. Participants can send questions during the live webinar and have these answered by experienced moderators,’ said Simmone, FIS webinar team.

There are also recordings of the webinars on our website. Some of the topics covered in these webinars include:

  • learning about making a budget
  • how to buy or rent a home
  • how to create savings and emergency funds
  • understanding types of insurance
  • learning about Australian government payments and services
  • learning about retirement choices
  • looking for work.

FIS is another way we’re helping people get on with their lives.

Page last updated: 6 December 2022.
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