Insurance Statistics Australia specialty codes

These Insurance Statistics Australia (ISA) specialty codes can be used for a ROCS payment application.

Code Classification
CANAES Anaesthetist
CDERMI Dermatologist
CDIETN Dietician
CGPCOS General practitioner with cosmetic surgery
CGPNPR General practitioner - non procedural
CGPOBS General practitioner with obstetrics
CGPPRC General practitioner - procedural
CGYNAE Gynaecologist (no obstetrics)
COBSTE Obstetrician (including gynaecology)
CPATHO Pathologist
CPHYSN Physician - non-procedural
CPHYSP Physician - procedural
CPSYCH Psychiatrist
CRADOL Radiologist
CSRCOS Cosmetic/plastic/reconstructive surgeon
CSRGEN General surgeon
CSRNEU Neurosurgeon
CSRORT Orthopaedic surgeon
CSROTH Surgeon - not otherwise classified
COTHER Medical practitioner not otherwise classified

Page last updated: 10 December 2021