I'm overseas

Help with your payments if you’re currently overseas and can’t return home.

International impacts

If you’re unable to return to Australia

Call International Services if your payment will stop and you can’t return to Australia due to COVID-19 related:

  • travel restrictions
  • quarantine rules
  • illness.

It may be possible to have your payment extended.

If you need direct deposit payments overseas

There are no changes to the way we’re paying direct deposit payments to customers outside Australia. We may need to temporarily pay you in another currency. This is if you live in a country affected by COVID-19 related financial market trading restrictions.

If you provide us with your bank account details we can arrange to pay you by direct deposit. To do this, download and complete the International bank account form.

If you need to correspond with us while overseas

If you live overseas, we’ve extended the timeframes for you to return correspondence to us. If you’ve received a letter from us requesting information, you’ll have 6 months to reply.

Page last updated: 27 August 2020