Guide for separated parents

Use this helpful guide if you’re separated. It has a list of tasks you may want to do or consider when going through separation.

There are many decisions you’ll need to make if you’re a separated parent or considering separation.

While you’re dealing with these important matters, it’s easy to overlook some of the practical things you need to do.

You may:

  • need to work out arrangements for your children, finances and property
  • want to separate any joint accounts and update your contact details
  • want to get advice about how to manage matters as a separated parent.

Use the following guide to help you work through these tasks. Print this page and keep it handy as you work through it.

The guide might seem overwhelming, but you won’t need to do all of these things right now. Not all of them will be relevant to your situation. You might not need to do some of them at all. You should treat the following as a guide only. It’s not a complete list.


You may want to:

  • decide on your initial care arrangements
  • think about your child support options
  • speak to your child’s school or child care so they’re aware.

Your child’s school or child care staff may need to give your child additional support.


You may need to:

  • check if you can get any payments for your children or yourself
  • update your contact details and ownership on any bank accounts, credit cards, vehicle registrations and super funds
  • speak to your lender, if you have a joint mortgage
  • update contact and account details for any regular accounts, like toll accounts and subscription services
  • update your contact details with your insurance providers.


You may need to:

If you’re registered for the Medicare Safety Net you should let us know when your family situation changes.


You may want to:

  • seek legal advice to update your will, power of attorney, next of kin and emergency contacts
  • make copies of important documents, and you may want to give them to your lawyer, trusted friend or family member
  • check if you have any nominee arrangements in place that you need to update
  • change your passwords.


You may want to:

  • discuss your living arrangements with your ex-partner, if it’s safe to do so
  • contact your real estate agent and update your lease, if you rent
  • update your contact, credit card or bank account details for your utilities such as with your energy and mobile provider
  • organise to redirect your mail.

You can read more about the support services available for separated parents.

Page last updated: 23 November 2021