Help updating your immunisation history statement

Find out how we can help you fix your immunisation history statement.

When you get a COVID-19 vaccination, your vaccination provider records it on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). This can take up to 10 days, or longer in some situations. If your COVID-19 vaccinations aren’t showing after 10 days, check with your provider to confirm they’ve updated your record.

Your vaccination provider could be your local GP or pharmacist, or a Commonwealth vaccination clinic.

If your details on your record are wrong

If your COVID-19 vaccination record has errors, you need to ask your provider to update it. They can correct any of these:

  • number of doses
  • dates of vaccination
  • vaccine brand.

If your provider can’t update your record, call the Australian Immunisation Register.

If your details aren’t showing

If you’ve checked with your provider but your details still aren’t showing, it may be because the details recorded don’t match your AIR record. You may need to check your name and address.

To do this, update your address and contact details using your Medicare online account. If you can’t update your details online or they’re correct and you still can’t see your vaccinations, call the Australian Immunisation Register.

If you live in NSW

If you were vaccinated at a NSW vaccination hub and your details aren’t showing in the AIR, you may need to complete a form. Visit the NSW Health website to view a list of affected vaccination centres and fill in their COVID-19 Vaccination record query form. NSW Health will check your details against your AIR record and make any corrections for you.

If your provider updated your record, and your details match our system but your vaccinations still aren’t showing, call the Australian Immunisation Register.

Page last updated: 29 September 2021