If you no longer get a payment from us

How you repay money you owe if you no longer get a payment from us.

Repaying money you owe

You’ll need to repay the money in full or set up a payment arrangement with us by your due date. Most people set up a payment arrangement and pay it over time.

If you can’t set up a payment arrangement, please call us on your regular payment line.

If you’re setting up a payment arrangement, it needs to be done with us. This means you need to set it up either:

At any time, you can also make extra payments towards the money you owe. This could be a regular payment or a once off payment.

Garnisheeing tax refunds

If you owe us money, we may ask the ATO to help get it back. We can ask them to garnishee your tax refund. This means they will withhold or give us some or all of your tax refund or available credit. If we do, we’ll send you a letter.

Page last updated: 28 January 2021