Before your claim settles or reaches judgment

Know what you need to do before your compensation claim settles or reaches judgment.

Step 1 — Complete your history statement and declaration

Complete the Medicare history statement and Declaration that we’ve sent you. This is where you tell us which benefits relate to your injury or illness. You’ll need to go through the Medicare history statement and tick all items that relate to your injury or illness.

Step 2 — Return the statement and declaration to us

Send us the completed statement and declaration within 28 days. The address is on the form.

If you need more than 28 days, call the Medicare Compensation Recovery line

If you don’t return them, you’ll have to pay for all the services on your statement.

If we don’t think you’ve correctly completed your Medicare history statement, we’ll contact you.

Step 3 — Check your Notice of past benefits

We’ll send a Notice of past benefits to you and the compensation payer. This states how much you need to repay. If you agree with the amount, this will become a Notice of charge.

Using the Notice of charge, the compensation payer will pay us back first. They will then pay the rest of the compensation money to you.

Page last updated: 23 July 2019