Make an advance payment

Your compensation payer can pay us a 10% advance of your compensation payment in some circumstances.

If your Notice of past benefits has expired when your claim settles or reaches judgment your compensation payer can:

  • pay us a 10% advance of your compensation payment,
  • pay the remaining 90% to you. 

We must get this advance within 28 days of judgment or settlement.

When we get the advance payment, we’ll send you a new Medicare history statement and Declaration. You must complete these and send them back within 28 days. This is so we can work out how much you need to pay and issue a Notice of charge.

If the amount due is less than the advance payment, we’ll return the difference to you. We’ll do this within 28 days of issuing a Notice of charge. This may be up to 3 months from when we get your advance payment and completed documents.

Complete a Medicare Compensation Recovery Bank account details collection form (MO024) if you want an electronic refund.

It may take longer than 3 months if we’ve either:

  • granted you an extension
  • asked you to review your Medicare history statement.

If the amount due is more than the advance payment, you’ll need to pay us the difference. We must get payment within 28 days of issuing the Notice of charge.

Page last updated: 18 December 2019