How to claim

There are 3 steps to claim the Disaster Recovery Allowance.

Steps to claim Disaster Recovery Allowance


    1. Get ready to claim

    The fastest way to claim is over the phone.

    To claim, either:

    Read more about our Emergency Information line and opening hours.

    Call us on 131 202 to talk to us in languages other than English.


    2. Get your documents ready

    We'll ask you to give us evidence of how you’ve lost income.

    If you don’t have these documents, call us on 180 22 66. You may also need to prove your identity. We’ll tell you how to do this during the claim process.

    You’ll need to provide one document showing that you were born in Australia, or when you arrived in Australia. Or, you can provide any 2 approved documents that add up to the value of 50 points. For example, you can give us a:

    • driver licence - 40 points
    • bank card or bank statement - 40 points
    • Medicare card - 20 points.

    If you have a partner

    We need your partner’s details to make sure we pay you the right amount. If we don’t already have your partner’s information they can call us on 180 22 66.

    If they can’t call us, you can both complete a Partner details form.


    3. Send us your claim

    Remember, the fastest way to claim is by calling us on 180 22 66.

    If you fill in the claim form, you can send it and any supporting documents by fax or post. The return details are on the form.

    Please make sure your name is on your supporting documents so we can identify them.

    Evidence you need to provide

    We’ll ask you to give us evidence of your loss of income.

    If you earn a salary or wage, we’ll ask you for documents that show your income for the 4 weeks before the storms and floods.

    If your income changes each week, we’ll ask you to show your income for the 8 weeks before the storms and floods.

    Evidence can include any of the following:

    • pay slips from your employer
    • bank statements showing previous bank deposits from your employer
    • a letter from your employer.

    If you’re a farmer or you have a small business, we'll ask you to show us as many of these documents as possible:

    • profit and loss statements
    • income tax returns
    • other documents that show cash flow, such as a bank statement for your business
    • trust or partnership tax return.

    If you don’t have evidence, call us on 180 22 66 to discuss your options.

    Your responsibilities

    It’s your responsibility to ensure the information you give us in your claim is true and correct. You must base your claim on your actual circumstances.

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You need to report any changes to your circumstances.

Page last updated: 21 June 2021