How to claim

There are 3 steps to claim the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment.

Steps to claim Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment


    1. Get ready to claim

    To claim, either:

    Read more about our Emergency Information line and opening hours.

    Call us on 131 202 to talk to us in languages other than English.


    2. Get your documents ready

    You may need to give us evidence to show you can get this payment. For example, you may need to show us that you were admitted to hospital, or give us information about how your home was damaged.

    If you’re having trouble getting these documents you should still submit a claim as soon as possible. You can give us your supporting documents within 28 days of submitting your claim.

    You may also need to prove your identity if you haven’t already done so. You can use one document showing you were born in Australia or when you arrived in Australia. Or, you can give us any combination of approved documents that add up to the value of 50 points. This includes:

    • driver licence - 40 points
    • bank card or bank statement - 40 points
    • Medicare card - 20 points.

    3. Send us your claim

    Remember, the fastest way to claim is by calling us on 180 22 66.

    If you fill in the claim form, you can send it and any supporting documents by fax or mail. The return details are on the form.

    Please make sure your name is on your supporting documents so we can identify them.

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Page last updated: 18 June 2021