Before you claim

There are 2 ways to claim the Tertiary Access Payment. How you do it depends on where you plan to study.

If you’re studying a higher education course at a university

You don’t claim for the payment through us if you’re planning to study 1 of the following courses at university:

  • higher education course
  • higher education Diploma eligible for FEE HELP.

You’ll need to claim the payment through your university.

Universities have the choice to participate in paying the payment to students. The number of accepted claims is determined by each participating university.

For more information contact your university.

If you’re studying a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course at a university

If you’re studying a VET course at a university, you claim the payment through us.

A VET course includes all of the following:

  • Certificate IV
  • Diploma other than a Higher Education Diploma eligible for FEE HELP
  • Advanced Diploma.

If you’re studying at a non-university

If you’re going to study somewhere other than a university you claim for the payment through us. This is if you study 1 of these at a VET provider or a non-university higher education provider:

  • Certificate IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • higher education course for example, a Bachelor degree.

Maximum number of payments we pay

We’ll pay a maximum of 1,000 eligible non-university students. You need to be eligible at the time we process your claim to get the payment.

Before you start, check if you can get it.

Page last updated: 19 January 2021