Employment Services Assessments

An assessment of the impact of your disability, illness, injury or other barriers to work.

Your barriers and ability to work

This assessment helps us understand all of the following:

  • your barriers to work
  • your capacity to work due to disability, illness or injury
  • the best employment services program to suit you, if needed.

We employ qualified health or allied health professionals to do the assessment.

Your appointment

If you need an assessment, we’ll contact you to make an appointment. If you already have an employment services provider they may refer you to us for an assessment.

Your assessment will take place by phone.

Call us if you can’t attend your appointment. You can call us on the same phone number we give you when we make the appointment.

If you have any special needs you should contact us before your appointment. Tell us if you'd like your assessor to be of a particular gender because of your cultural or religious beliefs.

What to bring

For your assessment, you need the following:

The assessor will let you know during the call how to provide us with this information.

What will happen

Your assessor will talk to you about all of the following:

  • any barriers to work you may have, including any medical conditions
  • any recent help or rehabilitation you’ve had
  • services to help you find and keep a job, if needed.

They may also contact your treating health professional if they need more details about your condition.

Your assessor may refer you to an employment services program. They’ll tell you which program is right for you. This may include any of the following:

  • jobactive
  • Disability Employment Services
  • the Community Development Program if you live in a remote area.

Read more about any of the following:

Once your assessor determines the right employment services program for you, we’ll ask you to choose your preferred provider.

To help you choose a provider, your assessor may discuss all of the following:

  • location, which is where you can find a provider
  • transport, which is what local transport there is for you to get to the provider
  • provider services, as not all providers offer the same services.

You may want to change provider once you’re registered. To do this, you can call the Employment Services National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260.

You can find out more about these services before your appointment. This includes who the providers are in your area and what services they offer.

You can do this through any of the following methods:

  • on the jobactive website
  • by calling the Employment Services National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260 to learn more about employment services
  • on the JobAccess website
  • by calling a JobAccess advisor on 1800 464 800 to talk about Disability Employment Services.

After your assessment

Your assessor will write a report, which details any identified barriers to work. The report will detail how they may affect your ability to work or participate in employment services.

Tell us if you want a copy of your report. We can usually give you one. In some circumstances you’ll need to make a formal Freedom of Information request.

Your privacy

The law protects your personal information. The assessor will explain how we’ll use your information.

More information

Contact us if you need more information about any part of your assessment. If you still have concerns, you can give us feedback or make a complaint.

Page last updated: 21 April 2020