Someone to deal with us on your behalf

You can have an authorised representative deal with us on your behalf about the Pension Loans Scheme. You can authorise them to enquire or act on your behalf.

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Power of Attorney or guardian and administration orders

If you’ve appointed someone to look after your affairs, you can ask them to act on your behalf. They can both:

  • apply for the Pension Loans Scheme
  • change the property offered as security.

They need to be legally appointed to manage your real estate or financial affairs. This can include arrangements like a Power of Attorney (POA) or guardianship and administration order.

The POA document or order must show that your representative can act on your behalf to manage both your real estate and financial affairs.

You’ll need to provide us with both of the following:

  • an original or a certified copy of the POA document or guardianship and administration order
  • a written letter of request which includes your Centrelink Customer Reference Number.

You can do this by post or at a service centre.


Once you get the loan, you can choose a person or an organisation to enquire or act on your behalf. They can manage all aspects of the loan for you. This doesn’t prevent you from dealing with us yourself.

To approve someone to act on your behalf you need to either:

Complete the form then send it to us using the details on the form.

Page last updated: 5 July 2021