Mutual obligation and participation requirements

If you get Parenting Payment you may have to meet mutual obligation requirements or participation requirements.

Single and your youngest child is 6 or 7 - your mutual obligation requirements

If you’re single and your youngest child is 6 or 7, you usually have to meet mutual obligation requirements.

You’ll have to attend an appointment and agree to a Job Plan. The Job Plan will include requirements to help you get ready for a job. Your requirements could include:

  • looking for work
  • working part time
  • studying
  • doing an approved activity.

Read more about Job Plans and your mutual obligation requirements.

Your youngest child is younger than 6 - your participation requirements

If you have a child who’s younger than 6, you may have participation requirements. If you do, you’ll need to take part in ParentsNext.

Read about ParentsNext.

Attend your appointments and meet requirements

Please keep in mind, you must attend all appointments and meet your requirements. If you don’t, your Parenting Payment may stop or reduce.

Voluntary participation

If you don’t have participation or mutual obligation requirements, you may be able to volunteer with a provider.

You can find a provider through the JobSearch website.

Page last updated: 7 May 2019