Activities that count as work

A work day needs to meet certain criteria to count in the work test.

A working day is either:

  • a day when you have worked for at least 1 hour
  • paid leave, such as sick leave, annual leave and paid maternity leave.

We won’t count unpaid leave, including unpaid maternity leave.

Apart from full time work, you could also do any of the following:

  • be a part time, casual or seasonal worker
  • be a contractor or self employed
  • have multiple employers
  • have recently changed jobs or left a job
  • have worked overseas.

All of the following also count as work:

For periods of JobKeeper Payment, we count whichever of the following is greater:

  • 7.6 hours for each weekday in the period, not including weekends
  • the number of hours actually worked each day, including weekends
  • the number of hours of paid leave each day.

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Page last updated: 22 March 2021