Information you need to give us

You’ll need to provide certain documents before and after your baby is born.

When you claim online, we’ll tell you what supporting documents you need to provide to complete your claim.

When you claim Parental Leave Pay you’ll need all of the following:

You’ll also need all of the following:

  • information about your Australian residency – for example, citizenship papers, passport or other documentation
  • details of periods when you have lived outside Australia
  • your income details for the financial year either before the date of your claim, or before your child’s date of birth or adoption – whichever is earlier
  • details of your work over the last 13 months, including hours worked and any unpaid leave you took
  • proof of your child’s birth or adoption if you are claiming after your child was born or entered your care.

During your claim, you might need to provide some supporting documents. The quickest way is to take a photo of each document and upload it using the Express Plus Centrelink app.

After your child is born or enters your care

You need to give us proof of birth or adoption as soon as possible so we can finalise your claim. You have several options for giving us proof of birth or adoption.

If you give us proof of birth or adoption more than 4 weeks after your child is born or is adopted into your care, we can’t backdate your payment.

Page last updated: 13 June 2019