We may review your situation to check you are still eligible for Mobility Allowance.

We’ve stopped Mobility Allowance reviews due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

If we select you for a review, we’ll send you a form in the mail. We need you to fill in the form and return it to us by the date on the form. The address to send it back to us is on the form.

If you find it hard completing the paper form we sent you, you can use a different form. You can fill in the Review of Mobility Allowance form on your device instead. You still need to send it back to us by the date on the form in your letter.

Call the People with disability line before your review date if:

  • you can’t return the review form to us by the due date
  • you’re not sure what information you need to give us.

Once we get your form we’ll assess your situation. We’ll send you a letter to tell you the outcome of your Mobility Allowance review.

Page last updated: 17 April 2020