Business income reconciliation

We compare your estimated and actual business income each financial year. This is to check we’ve paid you the right amount of Farm Household Allowance.

We ask you to estimate your farm enterprise business income each year. This is so we can work out how much Farm Household Allowance (FHA) to pay you. You can update this estimate at any time.

Every June, we’ll ask you to provide your income tax returns and other financial documents for the previous financial year. We use these documents to reconcile your farm business income against the estimate you gave us. That way, we can check if we’ve paid you the right amount of FHA.

If you’ve been underpaid FHA, you’ll get a top up payment.

If we’ve paid you too much FHA, we’ll ask you to pay the money back.

When to provide your financial documents

Reconciliation for 2018-19

If you got FHA in 2018-19, we’ll ask you to send us your documents by 30 June 2020. You’ll need to give us your income tax returns and financial statements.

Reconciliation for 2017-18

If you got FHA in 2017-18, you should have sent us your documents by 30 June 2019. This includes your income tax returns and financial statements.

If you haven’t given them to us already, you need to do it now. If we don’t get them, we’ll ask you to pay back the amount of FHA you received.

Exemptions and extensions

You may not have to give us your tax and financial documents. This is if the Australian Taxation Office has given you an exemption or extension. But you need to send us proof of your exemption or extension. You can upload documents via your myGov account, or take them to a service centre. Contact your Farm Household Case Officer or call the Farmer Assistance Hotline for more information.

What's the reconciliation process

There are 3 steps in the reconciliation process.

Step 1: Estimate

We ask you to estimate your farm’s business income:

  • for the current financial year when you apply for FHA
  • every financial year after that.

We base the amount of FHA we pay you on your estimated farm business income for the financial year.

Changes to your income and circumstances may affect the amount of FHS you get.

You can update your income estimate any time throughout the year. You should do this if your farm makes more or less money than you expected or your circumstances change. You must tell us about changes to your income within 14 days so that we don’t overpay you.

Step 2: Submit

After you submit your tax return to the Australian Taxation Office, you must send us your:

If you no longer get FHA, you still need to send us your documents. Otherwise, the amount we’ve already paid you that financial year will count as a debt.

Let us know if you get an extension on your tax return.

How to submit your documents

You can submit your documents:

Services Australia
Rural and Climate Change Services
Reply Paid 7816

Step 3: Reconcile

We compare your tax returns and financial statements with the business income estimate you gave us. This allows us to work out the right amount of FHA for that year.

We’ll tell you if:

  • you’ll get a top up payment
  • we’ve paid you too much and you need to repay an amount
  • there’s no change.

When you need to repay a debt

If you need to repay a debt, we’ll let you know how much.

You can still get FHA while you repay the debt.

If you don’t agree with a decision we make, you can ask for a review of a decision.

Page last updated: 17 February 2020