Privacy notice for Express Plus Centrelink and Lite mobile apps

How we use your personal information in the Express Plus Centrelink and Express Plus Centrelink Lite mobile apps.

Privacy and your personal information

We collect your personal information so we can provide you with services and payments.

We follow strict laws and must comply with the Privacy Act 1988. Read about your right to privacy, to learn more about the type of information we collect, why we collect it and who we share it with.

You can get a copy of the information we have about you. You can also ask us to fix any mistakes. Read more about how to request personal information releases.

Accepting terms and conditions

The use of our mobile apps is voluntary. This means it is your choice to download and use our apps. You can also choose whether or not to accept our terms and conditions.

To accept our terms and conditions, download and open the app and select I accept. This allows us to collect the personal information you tell us. If you do not accept our terms and conditions, you will not be able to use our mobile apps.

The law requires us to collect some information. You can use our mobile apps to share this information with us. You can also give us this information over the phone or in person.

Storing information

When you use our mobile apps, some information we share will be stored on your mobile device. This includes:

  • receipts
  • documents.

A receipt is created each time you:

  • report income
  • apply for advance payments
  • upload a document
  • subscribe to online services.

Our mobile apps will save your receipts. You can access and delete receipts in the history tab in the app. When you accept our terms and conditions, you agree to storing receipts on your device.

You can keep documents on your device by saving them in the vault of the mobile app. You can only access and delete them in our mobile app.

Sharing your information

As part of our work we sometimes need to share your personal information. We outline the reasons for sharing your information in our privacy policy.

Our mobile apps will not share your personal information outside of the app without asking you.

You can allow your mobile device to use your personal information from our mobile app. You can change this in the settings menu of your mobile device. For example, you can set up calendar reminders or save Centrelink letters to your phone.

We don’t control your personal information on your mobile device. This includes the personal information you choose to share outside of our app. It is up to you to protect your mobile device and your personal information from loss or misuse.

Page last updated: 1 October 2019