How to claim

How to claim the Australian Victim of Terrorism Overseas Payment.

A primary victim must submit a claim within 2 years of the day the Prime Minister makes the declaration.

A secondary victim must submit a claim within 12 months of the death of the close family member. The close family member must have died as a direct result of, and within 2 years of the declared terrorist act.

You may need to provide medical information and other supporting documents with your claim. We'll discuss this with you during the claim process.

To claim, you can download, complete and post your claim form and supporting documents to:

Services Australia
Australian Victim of Terrorism Overseas Payment
Reply Paid 7830
Canberra BC
ACT, Australia 2610

If you're overseas, costs apply to post your claim to us.

Proof of identity

Before we can pay you, we may contact you and ask you to prove your identity.

If you have any difficulty in getting or providing these documents, you should call us on 1800 040 226. If you're outside Australia, call +61 3 9250 5159, as soon as possible. The line is open Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 5 pm AEST.

We may ask you to provide other information, but we'll discuss this with you as we assess your claim.

Page last updated: 10 September 2021