Getting an assessment for a Home Care Package

You need an income assessment if you want help with the costs of a Home Care Package.

We’ll use your income details to work out both the following:

  • if you have to pay a means tested care fee towards the cost of your care
  • how much that fee is.

When you start your Home Care Package, we’ll write to you. We’ll tell you how much you need to pay.

We’ll complete your assessment automatically if we already have your income details. We have them if you get a means tested income support payment. This includes if you get:

If you don’t get a means tested income support payment, we won’t have your details. You need to complete a form to tell us them.

If you choose not to give us your income details, we can’t assess how much you need to pay. You might have to pay the maximum fee for your Home Care Package.

Page last updated: 10 July 2019