Express Plus Medicare mobile app help - Update your bank account details

Learn how to update your bank account details using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.


If you’re 14 or older you must update your own bank details. You can read more about updating your Medicare details.

Step 1: get started

Select Profile on your home screen.

Select Finance.

Your current Bank details will display.

If we don’t have your bank details it will display Not recorded. 

Step 2: enter or update your bank details

Select Bank details.  

Enter your bank details. You must enter your:

  • Account name
  • BSB
  • Account number.

Then select Next.

Step 3: review and submit

Check the details you entered are correct.

Then select either:

  • Submit to update your bank details with us
  • the back arrow to update the information.

We’ll then confirm you have updated your bank details.

Select OK.

Select Home or the Menu to return to the home screen.

Step 4: logout

From your home screen, you can complete other transactions.

For your privacy and security, please logout when you’ve finished. Select the Menu icon.

Then select Logout.

Select Yes to confirm you want to logout.

Page last updated: 13 August 2019