Centrelink online account help - Log in using the Confirmation Code

Learn how to register and log in to your Employment Income Confirmation using the URL and Confirmation Code provided.

We’ve updated your Centrelink online account homepage and menu. This means some steps in this guide may look different to what you see on your screen. New guides will be available shortly.

If your letter says We need you to check and update your past income information, you need a different guide. Read about how to check and update your past income.

To complete the steps in this guide you'll need the URL and confirmation code we sent you in either your:

  • initial Employment Income Confirmation letter
  • first reminder letter.

Step 1: enter URL

To register, enter the URL from your confirmation or reminder letter into your internet browser. A welcome screen will appear.

Step 2: welcome and register

If you're using this service for the first time, select Start here to begin the registration process.

If you’ve already registered and got a security code select Log in and go to Step 7.

Step 3: enter your CRN and Confirmation Code

Enter your Customer Reference Number (CRN) and Confirmation Code, then select Next

Step 4: verify your identity

Select the identification you wish to use for verification.

You can use either your current:

  • Medicare card and Australian driver licence
  • Medicare card and Australian passport.

Select Next.

This will take you to new pages where you can input your identification details. There will be a separate page for each type of identification. Fill in your details on each page then select Next.

You don’t need to put spaces when adding your Medicare card number or licence.

Once we verify your identification you’ll get a message saying Your documents have been verified.

You only have 3 chances to successfully verify your documents.

Please call us on the Customer Compliance line within 14 days if either:

  • you don’t have the identification available 
  • you’re unable to verify your documents.

Step 5: get a security code

To get a security code, enter your email address or mobile phone number on the Contact Information page. Then select Next.

Step 6: enter your security code

Once you get your security code by email or text, enter it in the field provided, then select Next.

Step 7: log in

Enter your Customer Reference Number (CRN) and security code, then select Login.

This will take you to the Employment Income Confirmation homepage.

If you need help to confirm or update your employment information, you can use our online guides. There is a guide to help you do each of the following:

Read more about Employment Income Confirmation.

Page last updated: 30 September 2019