Your child might get a letter from us asking about your income

23 September 2021

If your child gets Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY as a dependent you may have to provide us your income details.

We ask you to do an annual income review to make sure we’re paying your child the right amount. We also make sure your child is still eligible for a payment.

The letter includes instructions on how to provide your income details online.

You need to go online to do this by the date in the letter, or we may suspend your child’s payment. If this happens, you can still complete your review and we’ll restart their payment if they’re eligible.

We need to know your taxable income from 2020-21. If your income has decreased since then you can ask us to use your current income. This includes if it has decreased due to coronavirus (COVID-19). For this, call us on either the Youth and students line or ABSTUDY line, depending on your child’s payment.

If we need your income details, your child will get a letter in September or October. If your child doesn’t get a letter, it means we already have your income details.

Next steps

You can find out more about the Annual Parental Income Reassessment on our website.

You can also connect with us on social media if you have questions.

Page last updated: 29 September 2021