Is your child going back to child care?

5 November 2021

You need to take action now if your child isn’t going back to care now the NSW, Victoria and ACT lockdowns have ended.

If your child is enrolled in child care but is not returning, you need to end your enrolment now. Contact your child care service to do this and arrange an enrolment end date.

If you were living in, or your child care service was in, a Commonwealth declared COVID-19 hotspot for more than 7 days, this may apply to you. You have 28 days from the end of the lockdown to do this and avoid an overpayment.

Check your state to find the date you need to take action by:

  • NSW have until 8 November
  • ACT have until 15 November
  • Metropolitan Melbourne have until 18 November.

If you don’t update your enrolment end date and your child continues to not attend care, we may overpay you. You may then have a debt and you will need to repay any money you owe.

Next steps

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment have sent all child care services specific instructions on how to end your enrolment. Contact your child care service if you need to end your child’s enrolment.

Page last updated: 8 November 2021